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Yorkshire's Original T'quila Company

What's all this?

Introducing Yorkshire Tequila - here to bring some Yorkshire fettle to Mexico’s national drink! We want to introduce this wonderfully complex but sadly under appreciated beverage to some new discerning and sophisticated drinkers!

Taking some proper Yorkshire inspiration, throwing in some tried and tested and other more interesting and unusual flavours, adding lashings of top quality 100% agave tequila from Mexico and fetching something totally unique to the drinks market.

The result is a range of delicious tequila liqueurs to wake up your taste buds. From smooth Café to ferocious Habanero, tangy Rhubarb to tropical Hopped; there is something for everyone!

Drink it short or long; try out one of our cocktail suggestions or come up with your own creation. It really doesn’t matter how you enjoy it, just get stuck in!

Our philosophy

This is an authentically hand finished small batch product, infused and bottled in Leeds, Yorkshire - each batch is rigorously tested by our head honcho Mark before bottling and final quality control.

We use only the best quality ingredients from start to finish, no shortcuts, artificial flavours or colours. Each one of our products contains exactly what it says on the label, nothing more, nothing less. Our ingredients are sourced from carefully chosen independent suppliers who take as much pride in their products as we do in ours.